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This was an interesting game with cool visuals! I'm really curious about the story and what's happening, so good luck with the development of this lil game! Looking forward to learn more about our MC's unusual and mysterious past as well as the Lady in the tower!

Loved this so much!

I liked what I played, and i do hope you get around to making this into something finished. it's a great concept.

Great game, but how do you get the fourth ending? I thought it'd be lying about the knife, but the ending was the same...

I enjoyed it

I really enjoyed what you have in this game so far! I think that with sound effects and some music it will be even better. I do wonder if there's room for some references as well, but can understand if that's not your style.

Great game and artwork! Looking forward to seeing what the other endings are.

I really enjoyed this. I like that the user interface is so different from Ren'Py default quickmenu, and the artwork looks great! I like the use of shades of blue, with black that makes the bits of red pop. Great work.

I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but the desk in the study room doesn't work. No matter how many times I interact with it the text stays white, I don't know if the text not changing is the problem or if there is a bug preventing me from using it despite having the hairpin.


Oh I'm sorry, don't worry about the desk!
I had to cut out this part for the jam version. That'll be implemented in the upcoming update with the missing endings!
I did forget to let the option grey out after reading it, so it is a bit confusing right now.

No worries, again, it was just a small thing and I can totally get that. 


This game is great! Really enjoyed every part of it.

It is a shame it doesn't have sound, but I managed to add some random soundtrack for it.

Here you can find the complete playthrough with my opinions at the end. Hope you keep developing this story (maybe a prequel, so we can check on the letter that our protagonist said receive). 

Thank you so much for the video :D
I'll definitely add more to the story in the completed version, but I'm happy to hear you liked it so far.
Unfortunately due to the time limit of the jam I had to cut a few corners, including any sound and music. They'll be added in an upcoming update!

That's great to hear Maricu! 

Count on me on playing and recording more videos about your games. 


Awesome game. Try mine also!

Have not seen a point and click adventure with Renpy in my limited VN experience, but you pulled it off quite well! Got two of the endings that ended...interestingly oops. Had a lot of fun with it, though - can't wait to see how the other routes turn out! :)

Thank you so much! I'm planning to improve the existing four routes as well for the full version. Had to cut the scenes short to be able to finish it for the jam! But I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed it so far :D

This was really cool. Liked the old school adventure game feel to it. The demon designs were great too. Good stuff, well done!


Thank you so much for playing the game and for your comment! I'm happy to hear you liked it.


Played through version 1.01 of BOTS, really like the experience so far and looking forward to what awaits with sound, and additional outcomes throughout the game! :D 

Oh wow, thank you so much for making a video! I'm happy to hear you liked the early version so far :D

Ooh, I haven't played an adventure Ren'Py game before! I reached the four endings, but couldn't figure out how to open the drawer in the study. There's some variable loops that don't quite work yet, but that's a given. The simple art style works really well here. I'll be looking forward to the polished version!

Thank you so much for your feedback! :D

Yes, the drawer (and the hairpin) don't have any use yet. Those are interactions that are linked to one of missing endings.
But I'm glad you were able to unlock the four that are included in this version, despite some variable issues!

I wondered if the drawer was something that will have use in the future. I hope you will have the time and energy to keep developing this! I really like the style and mood in it. <3